Types of Boxer Mix Dogs

When deciding what dog to have in your home, there are many things to consider. If you have children or other pets then you need a breed that will be good in this situation. You want to be guaranteed that you can allow your children to play with your dog, with no worries. Boxer dogs are great as a family pet, and more people are breeding them with different dogs to get boxer mix dogs. There are some good mixes and there are some bad ones.

Boxers originate from Germany and were originally used as a hunting dog; they were great at working with cattle and on farms. As time went on the breed became smaller making them more suited as house pets rather than working dogs. The boxer is an incredibly playful and intelligent breed, so when looking to mix it with another dog, you will need to find one that is similar. Boxer mix dogs are becoming popular to have; they often have the characteristics of a boxer but the size and look of the other breed. Although some people say that you should only mix certain breeds, you can mix a boxer with any breed, and there is even a Chihuahua boxer mix.

One of the most popular dogs to mix a boxer with is a mastiff, although this may seem like an unusual combination, they are ideal together. They both are very loyal dogs, with excellent temperaments, which can be easily trained by you. The only problem with this mix is the overwhelming loyalty, may make your dog unsure of strangers and any other pets in your home. They can also be very stubborn and this can be a problem when trying to get them to do something they don’t want to. Another popular mix is with a Labrador; the profile of this dog is amazing and has very clear distinct features. Alongside the intelligence of the Labrador and the training abilities of both dogs make this an ideal mix.

There are some unusual combination’s for the boxer dog, people have tried every type of breed and these are fun dogs to have. They often look very unusual and have characteristics from both breeds. Poodles, chow chows and beagles have all become a boxer mix dogs. Although these breeds are fun, they do look a little strange especially the Boxer doodle, it has the distinctive hair of the poodle with the facial features of the boxer. Many boxer owners and breeders feel that the boxer breed should be left alone and not be interfered with.

Many of the new boxer mix dogs are now recognized breeds, and can enter dog competitions in their own rights. However you feel about mixing breeds the fact is that is does happen with some very good results. If the dogs are happy and are loved then what breed they are doesn’t really matter. These boxer mix dogs are fantastic as household pets and you might want to consider one when you next go to buy a new pet.

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