Training Dogs – Myth Five

Training Dogs - Myth Five

Training Dogs – Myth Five

Training Dogs – Myth Five

Your Dog Feels as Though it is in Prison When You Put it in a Cage or Crate


Confinement means something very different to dogs and humans. To your dog it is an area they recognise as being their very own, and is somewhere they can go, and once there, know they do not have to do anything, such as protect you, alert you or even just keep you company – basically, it’s an area where they don’t have to make any decisions at all.

Many dog owners use crate training as a method of house-training their dog, as well as an area which will keep them safe from any potential dangers around the house.

You should make your dog’s crate a comfortable place for him by adding soft bedding as well some of his toys and once your dog recognises his crate as his own “safe area” he knows it is somewhere he can go to get some peace and quiet or rest.

A few things you must remember when using crate training with your dog include:

Keeping Your Dog Safe and Out of Mischief: If you are busy with something and not able to keep an eye on your puppy or dog, this would be an ideal time to put him in his crate. It gives him the opportunity to rest or play with his toys until you have completed whatever it is you are doing.

Putting him in his crate whilst you are in the house will help him become totally used to the crate, and enjoy being in it. Then, once you know he is totally at ease whilst in the crate, you know you can safely put your dog in his crate if you need to leave the house for short periods.

Use the Crate to House-Train Your Puppy: Most dogs are unlikely to soil their own play and rest area, which makes the crate an ideal way to train your dog to hold it in until you take him to the area you have designated for him to do his business. Don’t make your puppy wait too long in the crate because if he really needs to go to the toilet he will have no alternative but to go in his crate. If this does happen he could well associate going to the toilet with his crate and this could become a hard habit to break.

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