‘Tough’ Dogs and Leather Dog Collars

If you’re a dog owner, when you think ‘leather dog collar’, you are likely not picturing a Basset Hound or Cocker Spaniel wearing one.

Typically, leather dog collars are worn by the large and working breeds (like the German Shepherd or Saint Bernard). These dogs are generally big and physically hardy and were bred to assist their human counterparts with labor-intensive tasks like sled-pulling, guarding and/or moving materials or goods and search and rescue.

So why do leather and the working breed (sometimes referred to as the ‘tough’ dog) go together? When you have a dog that weighs 80 pounds or more, you need to have a collar [like leather] that will hold up to their strength and power. In addition, even if your dog does not perform working tasks but is part of the working breed, you may simply be tired of collars with dog jewelry on them (like designer collars) that are pretty to look at but are not functional. If your dog likes to swim and/or run through the forest, the chances of he or she coming back with a collar full of jewelry intact are probably few and far between.

Like most dog collars, the kind of the leather variety can be found at most pet supply shops (where collars are sold) and in the online market. Like all collars, if leather is your choice, you need to measure your dog’s neck prior to purchase. As with some collars, there is no need to add inches to your dog’s neck for best fit when buying a leather collar- the size of the neck is the collar size needed.

Leather dog collars range in price and can cost very little or go as high as some designer collars depending on what you are looking for. These collars can be custom made to your specifications which can include the highest quality of leather- it’s your choice.

For quality products at cheap prices, try pets-direct.net for dog collars and leather dog collars.


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