Skin Issues of Dogs

Skin problems of a dog can be a big challenge to dog owners all over the world. These same problems can cause mad itching and scratching by your dog. This rapid fire and constant scratching can drive both dog and owner insane. Itching of this kind is known as pruritus. The tendency of developing skin disorders vary from one dog to another.

Dogs experiencing pruritus typically are healthy both nutritionally and physically. However, skin irritation and loss of hair is noticeable. A veterinarian will go over everything with the dog’s owner regarding diet, medication, activity and anything else that may seem relevant. This history of the dog will alert the vet to anything the dog does on a regular basis.

If the dog loves to pay in the swimming pool or dig in the dirt, he’s going to accumulate a buildup of water or dirt in his body. Bacteria will grow and spread, which will cause the infection. Dogs carrying a thick and heavy coat tend to develop this bacterial infection. Even the smallest wound to the skin can start it. The most common type of environmental dermatitis is moist eczema. Some dogs can develop environmental dermatitis just from having contact with plastic.

Poor diet can lead to nutritional dermatitis. Obviously, dog owners don’t mean to feed their dogs the wrong diet. However, this can easily happen when the owners are trying to save money by purchasing a substandard brand of dog food. This can cause constant stress that leads to such conditions as dermatitis.

Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the dog owner to provide a well-balanced diet that will prevent nutritional dermatitis. This can be done by reading the ingredients of the dog food before buying it. Ingredients such as poultry, lamb, beef or fish decrease the chances of your dog developing nutritional dermatitis. Supplements can also be used to add other important nutrients for your dog.

Both types of dermatitis can be treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents. When this is combined with getting to the root cause, then this skin condition can be cured. This is one of the more easily treated health issues of a dog. The sooner you catch it, the easier it is to cure.

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