Should You Have Your Cats Spayed Or Neutered?

Should You Have Your Cats Spayed Or Neutered?

Should You Have Your Cats Spayed Or Neutered?

Should You Have Your Cats Spayed Or Neutered?

Should You Have Your Cats Spayed Or Neutered? Whether to have your cats spayed or neutered is the source of debate between those for and against animal sterilization. Each side has its own firmly held beliefs and opinions. It is important to understand both sides in order to decide for yourself whether to spay or neuter your family cat or cats.

Many people think of “fixing” a cat as a matter of whether you wish peace and quiet in your home. Certainly, unsprayed and un-neutered cats are more aggressive and (to put it mildly) noisy. Also, un-neutered males produce strong smelling urine. So, generally, there are personal incentives for the cat owner to consider an “alteration.”

But it goes deeper than that. There are issues of whether we have the right to interfere in what nature has created, or whether such interference helps nature by relieving pain and suffering among unwanted cats, and preventing their birth into a difficult life. It is the lucky wild cat that is caught and euthanized. Wild cats can normally look forward to a very hard life on the streets leading to an eventual death from untreated trauma, disease, exposure or starvation.

As it is now, the size of the wild cat population is thought to be as large as the population of cats that have homes.

Adoption is clearly not the answer. One cat couple can produce an astonishing 750,000 offspring in their lifetime. Adoption programs are not able to absorb anywhere near the numbers needed to control the feline population.

The cat owner should consider having their cats spayed or neutered to ensure they never add to the problem of unwanted litters. Spaying and neutering cats will provide happier, healthier and more peaceful pets. Spay neuter surgery is safe and is performed while the cat is under general anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort. Recovery takes about two weeks. Some communities have low-cost and even free programs for cat owners.

I recommend you have your cats spayed or neutered. Your veterinarian can answer any questions you may have and provide his or her opinion about your options.

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