Pet/House Sitting

Professional Pet/House Sitting services offered in the Southern and Central California areas.

Pets from tarantulas to horses expertly cared for.  Pets in their home with familiar surroundings and familiar routines = happy pets. Pets are walked, exercised, played with, fed, watered, groomed, yard and/or litter cleaned, medications administered, loved and cared for! We do it your way on everything for your pets.

In-home pet/house sitting  is less stress for the pets, increased security with a home that is lived in, and many other services are included in the cost.  Mail & newspaper pick up, trash cans in/out,  hand watering in and out, access for gardeners, housekeepers, etc. and increased security because the home is lived in are just a few of the benefits you will receive.

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Holidays fill very early, so call now to book your spot!  We love pets like no other!

Find a GREAT pet sitter

What to check?

Here is an easy way to get the BEST for your home and pets!

A. Word of mouth and references from friends are a great place to start. Ask people you trust if they have used and pet sitters or know anyone who does.

B. Ask the prospective pet sitter for references. A GREAT pet sitter will come with references that you can call and talk to for information. I’ll cover what to ask later in this article

C. Make sure you MEET your prospective sitter in person at your home with your animals. You should trust your gut about the person. Did you establish an easy connection? Does the pet sitter seem eager and genuinely interested in you and your pets? Do your animals appear comfortable with him/her?

Here are questions to ask:

  1. Are you available for the dates I’ll need you?
  2. Will you live in if I require that?
  3. How long have you been pet sitting?
  4. What animals have you cared for? Can I have references?
  5. What animals did you have growing up and how did you interact with them?
  6. What requirements do you have to come into my home and care for my pets?
  7. How much do you charge?
  8. Do you administer medications and/or injections (if your pet needs these)?
  9. What is your experience with (insert any special needs for your animals)?
  10. Ask any other questions you desire so you feel comfortable and open to working with this pet sitter.

The answers to the questions should make you feel confident this is the right person.

It’s best to get things in writing. If you are explaining feeding and exercise routines, see if the pet sitter is taking notes. A best practice is to have the pet sitter write up his/her understanding of your instructions and give them to you. Sign them together to minimize any misunderstandings.

You will find the right person! Enjoy your new GREAT pet sitter!

Pet sitting in home is best for pets and you

In home pet sitting provides loving care while you’re away for your pets and home. A pet sitter reduces the stress for your pets while you’re away by keeping them in familiar surroundings with their established routine.

A lived in home while you’re gone heightens security – less chance of a problem with someone home minding the store!

ALWAYS meet your prospective pet sitter ahead of your trip. Make sure he/she is right for your home and pets.

Excellent pet sitters have a way with animals that is obvious when they meet you and your pets. Your dogs will be friendly and relate well to the pet sitter at your meeting. If Fido hides behind the couch and won’t come out – I would suspect a problem!

A great pet sitter listens to and documents your home and pet routine. This includes your schedule for feeding, exercising, and caring for your pet. If you feed your pet twice a day at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm – the pet sitter should conform to your schedule for the well-being of your pet. If morning walks are routine – morning walks should be provided during your absence.

Common pet/house sitting services include exercising, cleaning up after, feeding, and loving your pets. Medication administration is normally included. For your home, trash cans should be out/in, mail and newspapers retrieved, security systems set, plants watered where necessary and other specific directions should be provided per your instructions.

Your pets will be relaxed and happy when you come home when a great pet sitter has cared for them. There should be no signs of stress or anxiety, or behaviors like refusing to eat.

Check out our article “What to look for when choosing a pet sitter” for guidelines to getting the best pet sitter for your home.