Pet Beds For Dogs

Pet beds for dogs (affectionately known as “doggie beds” to we “dog parents”) provide a comfortable place for your pet to sleep, as well as a space that your pet can truly call his own. Although you may think it’s cute and cuddly to simply have Rover curl up next to you on the couch or sprawl next to you on your bed, pet beds provide a number of advantages, both to you and your dog, over other types of “people furniture.”

As hardy as we like to think our pets are, dogs, too, can get chilled easily. Most dog beds have a soft plush cover and relatively high sites. This can keep your pet warm and cozy even in a relatively chilly room, because it helps protect your pet from drafts.

People furniture is made for, well, people. Dog beds, by contrast, are made to be soft and comfortable for your dog. Make sure you choose the right type of dog bed for your dog; for example, rectangular dog beds are best for dogs like to stretch out, and are great for older dogs who may not have the flexibility anymore to “curl up.” Similarly, older dogs may benefit from recent dog bed technologies, such as memory foam to make them soft and supportive. These pet beds are perfect for older dogs who have aches and pains brought on by age.

Many dogs don’t feel secure (and therefore can’t sleep) unless they can put their backs against something when they sleep. You may find, for example, that if your dog is sleeping next to on the couch, he or she puts his or her back against the back of the couch before drifting off to sleep. Providing your dog a place to sleep with this type of “protective” set up is going to make your dog much more secure and comfortable, so that he can sleep undisturbed.

Of course your dog wants to be wherever you are, and in some cases, there’s no place like the couch (as long as you actually allow your dog there). However, giving your dog a place to go that’s all his (or her) own is very important. Sometimes, your dog probably simply wants to “get away from it all,” to simply spend some quiet time alone, in his or her own space. Pet beds are easy, inexpensive, simple ways to provide the “personal” space dogs need, whenever they need it.

You may already know just what type of bed your dog would like. However, for a good “all-purpose” bed, buy one that’s rectangular or circular in shape, with memory foam for extra softness. If you’ve got dogs who like to sleep together, make sure you buy dog beds that are big enough to accommodate everyone. Doggie beds with bolsters on the side are great for dogs like to sleep with their backs against something supportive.

It may take a bit of trial and error to find the perfect pet beds for dogs in your house, but once you find the right one or ones, it’s worth it. You’ll have your couch or bed back for your own use, and your beloved furry family member, too, will have his or her own place to curl up (or stretch out) in contentment.

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