Urinary Problems in Cats – Simple Prevention Steps

Urinary problems in cats can be a painful and recurring problem. Cats with weakened immune systems, such as those that are already ill or elderly, are at a greater risk for urinary issues. Although there are other causes, bacteria is often to blame for bladder problems in cats. Animals that are overweight or that have long hair tend to be less able to clean the feces from around their genitals and this can predispose them to bladder infections. In many cases, these problems in cats can be greatly reduced, or avoided entirely with preventative care.

It is essential that you treat any urinary problems your cat experiences. Left untreated, urinary problems in cats can cause severe pain, weight loss, and house soiling...

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The Bird Diet

Most people divide birds between softbills and seed-eaters, but this does not adequately describe the real variety of dietary habits. Softbill is a confusing term because it is so broad, and there are also various types of seed diet. 

Starting with seeds…these are divided between cereal seeds (a favorite of finches) and oil-based seeds such as sunflower seeds. In addition to this you can get seed mixes for a specific species such as parrot mix. The important thing to note with something like parrot mix is that this alone will not meet all the dietary requirements of your pet bird. Some examples of seeds and mixes are: softbill food, spray millet, budgerigar seed, canary seed, blue maw, parrot pellets, niger seed, parrot food, and foreign finch seed.

Onto the softbills…the di...

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Types of Boxer Mix Dogs

When deciding what dog to have in your home, there are many things to consider. If you have children or other pets then you need a breed that will be good in this situation. You want to be guaranteed that you can allow your children to play with your dog, with no worries. Boxer dogs are great as a family pet, and more people are breeding them with different dogs to get boxer mix dogs. There are some good mixes and there are some bad ones.

Boxers originate from Germany and were originally used as a hunting dog; they were great at working with cattle and on farms. As time went on the breed became smaller making them more suited as house pets rather than working dogs...

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Bird and Pest Control

Bird and Pest Control refers to the control and infestations of pests such as mice, rats, fleas, lice and some species of birds for example pigeons etc. Bird and pest control methods will vary depending on the type of pest or bird, and the magnitude of the problem. Bird control will often employ various scaring techniques, and these can include the use of noise and discouragement methods such as the use of falcons…

Falcons can help rid areas of unwanted seagulls, pigeons, geese and even ground birds such as lapwings and skylarks, and this is considered to be a non-lethal method of bird control...

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Choosing Saddles/Horse Tack for Safe Horse Handling

by quimby

Providing the best care for a horse is not as simple a task as many may think. There are many aspects of safe horse handling that must be adhered to, including choosing saddles/horse tack. All of the particular supplies that one needs to care for a horse are important but knowing how to choose the proper horse tack and saddle means understanding the value of properly measuring for fits. When it comes to horse tack in English or Western varieties, the main difference is that English tack is a bit more complicated to use than Western. By definition, horse tack can include bridles, harnesses, lead ropes, cinches, martin angles, bridles, saddles, saddle pads, halters, breastplates and the girth.

Safe horse handling is more than a notion but less than trouble when choosing saddles/ho...

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Pet Beds For Dogs

Pet beds for dogs (affectionately known as “doggie beds” to we “dog parents”) provide a comfortable place for your pet to sleep, as well as a space that your pet can truly call his own. Although you may think it’s cute and cuddly to simply have Rover curl up next to you on the couch or sprawl next to you on your bed, pet beds provide a number of advantages, both to you and your dog, over other types of “people furniture.”

As hardy as we like to think our pets are, dogs, too, can get chilled easily. Most dog beds have a soft plush cover and relatively high sites. This can keep your pet warm and cozy even in a relatively chilly room, because it helps protect your pet from drafts.

People furniture is made for, well, people...

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Western Horse Saddles

Horseback riding has become one of the most popular outdoor activities across the United States these days, with thousands of young teens taking up the hobby. It is recommended that someone interested in horseback riding take lessons before just getting up on a horse on their own and trying to ride it. When taking horseback riding lessons, the instructor will teach the student every aspect of the activity, and this includes how to properly attach Western horse saddles to the horse so that the horse is comfortable. A horse that is uncomfortable when fitted with saddles could become angry or ornery when on the horseback riding course, causing them to explode into a fit of rage.

An improperly installed saddle could also put pressure on the gullet of the horse, causing the horse t...

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The History of Boxer Dogs

As with most other pure breeds, the boxer dog’s history is covered in some uncertainty and small inaccuracies. Although not the oldest of breeds, the boxers have soon managed to spread all around the world, becoming one of the most popular family dogs of our times, as well as an appreciated working dog. But let’s go back a few hundred years and see where the history of the boxer dog starts.

By the 1800’s, Belgians had raised a new breed of dogs called the Brabanter Bullenbeisser, which were trained to become hunting dogs, even while they were still puppies. Descriptions of the Brabanter Bullenbeisser show that it was a strong dog, with a solid constitution, but one that did not lack the ability required for a hunting dog.

Elite nobleman from Germany soon heard of this specializ...

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Horse Lead Ropes

Of all the tack and supplies necessary for handling a horse, horse lead ropes, in conjunction with a halter, have to be one of the most important. Horse leads allow the handler to control the animal in a manner that provides maximum safety for the animal and person, alike.

A halter is a device placed around the horse’s head which applies pressure to certain areas in order to better control the animal’s movements and actions. Through pressure points located on the nose, cheeks, and the area behind the ears, the halter allows the trainer to use only a minimal amount of strength, compared to the overall greater strength of the animal, to control the horse...

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Skin Issues of Dogs

Skin problems of a dog can be a big challenge to dog owners all over the world. These same problems can cause mad itching and scratching by your dog. This rapid fire and constant scratching can drive both dog and owner insane. Itching of this kind is known as pruritus. The tendency of developing skin disorders vary from one dog to another.

Dogs experiencing pruritus typically are healthy both nutritionally and physically. However, skin irritation and loss of hair is noticeable. A veterinarian will go over everything with the dog’s owner regarding diet, medication, activity and anything else that may seem relevant. This history of the dog will alert the vet to anything the dog does on a regular basis.

If the dog loves to pay in the swimming pool or dig in the dirt, he’s goin...

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