Owning Snakes

Owning Snakes

Owning Snakes

Owning Snakes

For those who prefer the kind of pets who are neither too noisy nor too high maintenance, then snakes are meant for you. Snakes can be too inconspicuous that you may sometimes forget they are there. These animals are considered despicable beings in books and movies but those perceptions are not at all true. If you get to know them better, you will realize that snakes are wonderful creatures that aren’t as bad as their onscreen persona.

However, be WARNED that venomous snakes must at all costs be kept far from human beings as possible. One bite from them can take away lives immediately.

There are many advantages you can derive from having snakes for pets. First, they are very easy to care for. Second, they are relatively clean animals since every part is exposed and can easily be cleaned so you can be sure that they will not smell. Of course, this all depend on snake species. Third, a pet snake will not necessitate much food supply especially the small ones. They only get difficult to feed once they grow to a couple of meters.

In choosing the kind of snake you would like to have, there are many factors that will play a great part in your decision-making. You first have to ask yourself about the amount you are willing to shell out for your new pet. You should also think of the housing setup of this exotic animal. There is also the color and appearance of the snake you would like to have. You can observe the snakes’ behavior in your local pet stores and from there you can pick the one you like.

For a beginner snake owner, Garter Snakes are most appropriate for you. They are tiny and not very pricey. But the good thing about them is their long lifespan. You can literally grow old together because they can live for more than a decade (about 12 years or more). These are kind of snakes children can cradle and pet due to their even-tempered nature. Tthey are naturally climbers so it is good to take note of this fact when you are building their cage or terrarium.

Snow Corn Snakes are those snakes often seen in zoos. They are displayed more often than other species since they look more attractive and comes in different colors. They are as small as Garter Snakes. Snow Corn Snakes can easily adapt to human handling therefore they make good pets.

On the other hand, there are snakes better left to those well-trained to handle them. Snakes like Python (Ball Python or Royal Python) should be handled by herpetologists. They are constrictors or snakes which constrict their prey to submission. Royal Pythons can be found in Africa measuring from three to five feet. They can live up to three decades.

Prior to purchasing the snake you have your eye on, check with your local community first regarding rules on pet owning. There are animals which are considered endangered thereby personally owning them is prohibited. If you do so, you will have to face the consequences of your action.






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