Myths About White Boxer Dogs

White boxer dogs carry with them many myths. Apparently the fact that they are different seems to be a problem indicating that there is something wrong or a weakness involved in their heritage or birth. This is far from the truth, and when you learn the facts, you just may want one for yourself.

White boxer dogs are purposefully bred to be white. Just as other breeds are bred for certain characteristics, so are Boxers. Approximately 25% of all that are born are white. They are not a rarity and should not be considered as such.

These beautiful white dogs are not albinos. An albino has no color pigmentation at all on their bodies. A white boxer dog will have some color in their coat. These colors are usually in patches and often you will see a brown circle around the eye or some on other small areas of the body. Albinos do not have normally colored eyes. An albino has pink eyes. Not so with these beauties.

White boxer dogs are as healthy as those with color. There is no proof that they are subject to cancer or other illnesses as has been reported. Any dog can get cancer, which is one of the diseases they are supposed to have more frequently.

Another myth that surrounds the dog is a difference in their behavior or disposition. Boxers of all colors are pretty much the same. They are an affectionate breed that often believes they are a lap dog. They are protective of their families and are very loving. The problem with some large dogs that appear imposing is that they have not had any obedience training and permitted to merely be dogs and follow their instincts. Dogs are den animals and pack animals. They will protect their den, home, and the people in it. It is up to the owner to train the dog as to what they need protection from and act accordingly.

Without proper training a white boxer dog can be a menace to visitors, but so can a cocker spaniel. It depends on their home and the whether or not the people in it take the time to train them correctly.

Be careful where you purchase your white boxer dog. If you deal with a reputable breeder you will be much more satisfied than if you purchase your dog from a puppy mill or someone who will breed for greed rather than for the quality of the dog. Be sure the parents of the dog are on the premises and have had vet clearance for possible disorders. This should be something done when you purchase any dog. Large dogs have a tendency towards bone issues. Proper breeding can decrease the possibility of a problem.

White boxers are not rare and are different only in color. Consider the fact that when you out on the street the people around you are also shaded differently or totally different color. This does not make them defective, just a bit different.

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