How Urinary Tract Infection in Cats is Linked to Bad Behavior

Before blaming it to cats urinary tract infection, your kitty’s recent ‘accident’ on the bed or your favorite pair of shoes might not be caused by feline UTI. It might not be a medical condition, but a behavioral problem, especially when this kind of situation is repetitive. Your pet might be trying to tell you something that regular meows and body rubs can’t cover.

So why does your cat relieve itself outside the litter box? First, take your pet to the vet to rule out cats urinary tract infection. There isn’t anyone better equipped to determine the symptoms of urinary tract infection for cats. If there is no medical problem, then you need help in the behavior department. Now’s the time to figure out why your kitty is acting up, trying to catch your attention in the most ‘effective’ ways.

Did you consider that your cat may be stressed? Just like humans, cats can only tolerate a certain amount of stress in life before cracking up. Did you just move into a new home? Your cat may be getting used to its environment, or trying to mark another cat’s territory. Are there frequent fights among family members? Your cats can pick up negative feelings, too. It may be frightened by constant noise and shouting around the home.

Is your cat bored? Remember, felines are active creatures. Their cousins in the wild enjoy hunting prey, climbing trees, playing with each other, etc. If your cat is solitary and stays indoors every day, it may get bored and start picking on the objects around it. If you leave it alone all the time, it may be missing your companionship. It will start scratching on soft surfaces like your sofa, favorite pillow or bed. Pulling on curtains and other hung fabrics. Peeing on your favorite pair of sneakers – just like a dog. Ease the boredom by bringing cat toys and a scratch post. Play with your cat using the toys so that it will get used to them even when you’re not around. Sometimes, a bunch of yarn will do the trick to give your pet hours of self-entertainment.

Kitty might be jealous. A new family member, human or animal, may also be causing the stress. If your cat is used to having you cuddle and hold it all the time, sharing the attention with another cat or dog or even a new baby might be too much for your cat. Introduce a new pet gradually, and not drastically. Remember, if your cat has been solitary all its life, it is used to being the focus of attention. Show that the new pet (or baby) is not a threat, but a new member of the family that is welcomed and loved by everybody. Just like children, cats need a little ‘alone time’ with their master.

If your cat is misbehaving, how do you discipline it? There’s definitely no need for you to hurt it physically. Cats don’t like noise, so whenever your feline starts scratching on the sofa leg, give it a loud ‘No’ command. When it urinates outside the litter box, clean up the mess and cover up the scent with some vinegar. What’s important is to get rid of the scent by replacement, so that your kitty won’t repeat the bad behavior.

If your cat continues to urinate outside the litter box, make sure it’s not cats urinary tract infection by taking note of symptoms of urinary tract infection for cats and by bringing your pet to the vet in case you suspect your cat to be ill.

To discover ways on how to train your pet into using the litter box, and a natural treatment for Urinary tract infection in Cats, please visit Puneet Aggarwal is a regular writer on Pet problems and suggests natural alternatives.

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