Fishing in England

Fishing in England

Fishing in England

Fishing in England

Fishing in England. Fishing in England is I have found a lot different than other countries, especially when it comes to preparing to go for a day or two. In this country it is an art form carried out to precise detail, packed just so, with the correct amount of every thing in it’s rightful place, and of course every part cleaned, oiled and thoroughly checked for correct working order.

Quite often this procedure will start some 48 hours before the event, yes event is the word. In England there is a very large variation on the type of fish you can catch, so first the venue will need to be decided, is it to be a local canal, a good stream, a pit, or a lake, or even sea fishing. Then what type of fish are you looking to catch, Carp, Cat fish, Tench, Bream, Pike, Perch, Roach. etc. This is followed by what rod and reel for the job, what size line, am I looking for up to 1lb, 5lb, 10lb or even higher. In all practicality of course you are not going to all this trouble for a bit of noddy bashing. So depending on the time of year quite often decides it for you.

Up until the last few years we in England have had what was termed a closed season, where no fishing was allowed, this was April, May, and June app. this to allow the fish to breed, but as it was so successful this has now gone.

The best time for Carp is between June to September, Cat Fish between May to October, Pike late September to March. The rest are usually about most of the year, but the aforementioned are far and away the most popular and the biggest England has to offer The most popular by far is the Carp, this mainly being that there is a lot more of them, especially in Southern part of the country. The weight of the Carp in this country can be any thing from 1lb to as much as 50lb, and can be found in most of the area’s previously mentioned. Cat fish are not as well distributed and are mainly confined to pits and quite large areas of water, they range from a few pound up to 100lb and are very difficult to catch. Pike is the dedicated fisherman’s winter fish, they take a lot of patience to catch and love very large lakes and reservoirs, again from a few pounds to about 85lbs.

Each of the mentioned species above require very different tackle, which varies between light float fishing to ledger fishing with weight to spinning, one thing they have in common is that they are all difficult to catch and take a lot of time and patience. Carp in general requires a 2 3/4lb test curve rod about 11ft long with a minimum 12lb line, presented with a bollie or similar on a hair rig ledger fashion. Cat fish 3 1/2lb rod 12 to 13ft with a minimum line of about 15lb, presented with half a dead fish on a triple hook. Pike I would recommend a sea rod with about 5Ib test curve 13 ft rod, presented with half a dead fish with double treble hooks, connected on to a metal 40lb minimum trace, this is because you will have to cast out a long distance with a 5oz weight, which puts a lot of strain on the rod, and pike can and will bite through a normal line connection.

With all 3 of the above fish you will need to take enough equipment for a long stay, I would suggest the following would be beneficial. Bite alarms, Bivvy, Gas stove, food and drinks, warm clothes, dependent on weather, plenty of spare equipment for running repairs i.e. rigs, weights, hooks, swivels etc.

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