Dragon Lizards – What Is It You Would Like To Know

Dragon Lizards - What Is It You Would Like To Know

Dragon Lizards – What Is It You Would Like To Know

Dragon Lizards – What Is It You Would Like To Know

Dragon Lizards – What Is It You Would Like To Know. Dragon lizards are mostly found in dry hot areas and they look like normal lizards the only difference is the size. Dragon lizards are really huge and that is why they are called dragons due to their enormous size. Unlike lizards which can be found in buildings and even in some homes, the dragon lizards live in the desert on their own and they tend to fend for themselves. They are carnivorous and often feed on other smaller animals. They get their food by the sense of smell as they can be able to smell the prey from a distance away. They can even smell the dead animal from a distance and locate it for consumption. The dragon lizard knocks down animals with its huge tail and then bites it as their bites are believed to be poisonous. They are believed to swallow the prey whole as they use their saliva to lubricate and make it easier to swallow the animal.

After finishing their meal, they move to a sunny area and lie there waiting for the food to digest as it could be risky with undigested food. It could get very ugly and the food in the stomach could become poison killing the lizard at any time. They share food with other dragon lizards but the big ones eat first while the younger ones wait for them to finish. The big ones mostly wrestle for the food but if there is a female, they make sure she feeds as well. Small lizard dragons feed on geckos, birds and insects since they are in no position to digest the big animals. Their saliva is believed to be poisonous as they have venom in them and when they bite, they cause an infection that may lead to serious danger.

Their Behaviors

Dragon lizards always meet up to feed and mate during mid year and the eggs are hatched a few months after that. After one year of them mating, the baby lizard is then born and they entirely depend on their mothers for survival for almost one year. The male lizards always have a fighting contest where the winner gets to win the female and mate with her. After the baby is born, they take three to four years to mature and become adults. After that they can go out on their own and look for food without their mothers. A dragon lizard lives up to fifty years of age before dying.

These lizards are always on the lookout for humans and once they see them, they run away and hide. They are active during the day as their sight at night is not so clear. They can however see a long distance during the day and they see in clear colors as well. There are certain countries where they are put up in the zoo and used as tourist attractions. People love seeing them because of their huge size and scaly rough skin. They are very heavy and weigh a lot of pounds with the woman being slightly lighter than the male.

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