Siamese Cats – Are You Suited to Them?

Are you considering a Siamese cat as your next pet? Making the decision to bring a Siamese into your household shouldn’t be taken likely. Although beautiful and striking, they demand more attention than many other breeds of cat, and trouble can arise if a household doesn’t meet a Siamese’s requirements.

The behavior and personality characteristics of the Siamese are similar throughout the breed, regardless of whether they’re ‘wedge heads’ (otherwise known as ‘show style’) or ‘apple-heads’ (also known as ‘traditional’). Their meow, intelligence, and ability to be trained make them one of the most unique types of cats. Rather than meow, they ‘yowl’; a wail often likened to a human baby’s cry...

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pet bird cages

Wherever you buy your hen, you must seem to get a wholesome hen. Cleanliness is crucial. There ought to be no strong odors. Budgies are seed eaters; they produce compact, odorless feces. They also devote a lot of time holding their feathers clear. So it their cages and plumage are filthy, it is possible to wager that they will either occur down with an illness or are nearly to. There ought to not be too numerous birds in just about every cage. The sellers ought to be willing to answer any queries that you have.

Be confident to study the hen carefully. Verify the feathers, beak, eyes, nose, vent, and legs, for any deformities any unhealthy situations...

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Wild Bird Seed

by SaijaM

Habitat for birds is always decreasing, and with it come some of their natural sources of food. Fortunately, in almost any supermarket you can find Wild Seed birds. But what kind should you buy? Do the Cardinals have the same Wild Seed Bird, nuthatches do? To answer these questions and give you some idea of what to buy, here’s a list of more affordable seeds and more common birds that eat them. Just remember that birds do not read these lists and have learned to adapt. In some areas, some of these birds may have learned to eat or not there are some seeds on this list, but for the most part, they will be. In addition, this list is not exhaustive one for bird species that will eat any seeds.

Sunflower is available in 2 versions: black oil and striped...

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Chain Dog Collars Are Not For Small Dogs

For bigger dogs a regular collar might not be sufficient. Unless your dog is super obedient, chain dog collars are the best solution. You do not want to put one of these on small dogs since the collar itself may well outweigh your dog. Small dogs, although quite unruly and hyper, can easily be picked up to avoid any confrontations or accidents. A big dog, however, is somewhat difficult to scoop up into your arms.

For example, a German Shepard that is not properly trained will jump on everyone she sees. Known to be the most trainable breed, there are always exceptions. This, of course is due to the owner. A German Sheppard needs training and disciple. Chain dog collars are not enough. You have to be firm with them. They respect authority...

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Advantages of Training Good Pets – Cats

In this article we will go over the basics to your fabulous feline or your cat. Some of the topics we are going over will be, what are some of the basic needs of a cat? Why does your cat scratch at your furniture or chew or your cords to your favorite lamp? What do you have in it for you if you have a good cat. Hopefully this article will answer some of your questions and bring you and your cat closer together.

Despite all stereotypes cats can not just live in a household without a few much needed items, they just are not self-sufficient creatures. Just like all other animals they need their owners to feed and water them and to protect them from dangers outside. Despite what any anti cat lover may say cats also need love from their owners...

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The Mule and the Horse

by Hc_07

(A Minnesota, Chick Evens, Grandpa Story, 1958-59)

Figuratively speaking, my grandpa, he had already -from the day one, that is, from the first day he saw me at birth-taken the restraining lines, the bridle, you know the harness that goes around a horses head and put it on mine, or thought he did. You might even say he had his foot in the stirrup, to get into the drivers seat-allegorically speaking, ahead of time. At least that is how I feel about the whole thing.

Say what you will, but things are as they are, or was, back in those far-off days of yesteryear, I hold no grudges-save I had to live through it, but so did he...

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‘Tough’ Dogs and Leather Dog Collars

If you’re a dog owner, when you think ‘leather dog collar’, you are likely not picturing a Basset Hound or Cocker Spaniel wearing one.

Typically, leather dog collars are worn by the large and working breeds (like the German Shepherd or Saint Bernard). These dogs are generally big and physically hardy and were bred to assist their human counterparts with labor-intensive tasks like sled-pulling, guarding and/or moving materials or goods and search and rescue.

So why do leather and the working breed (sometimes referred to as the ‘tough’ dog) go together? When you have a dog that weighs 80 pounds or more, you need to have a collar [like leather] that will hold up to their strength and power...

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A Look at the Most Important Immune Boosting Herbs For Cats

Herbs for a cat immune system might be helping in those cats that respond. Giving natural health supplements that contain immune boosting herbs for cats can be one of the best ways to ensure your cat lives a long, healthy life. To get the best results, you need to choose a good herbal supplement which is both safe and effective. Given below is a bunch of information to help you choose the right natural supplement for your cat.

Herbs for cat immune system

You need to be careful while choosing herbal supplements for your cat because some products contain herbs which could be dangerous for your cat’s health. Such products are usually manufactured without the supervision of a qualified pharmacist and they do not meet the standards set by the FDA as well...

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Signs Of Horse Colic

Modern horses have a very different lifestyle to that of their ancestors. Even 50 years ago horses led very different lives to the ones today. Horses used to live on the plains in herds and foraging for grass continuously. But, for most of today’s modern horses it is a very different scenario.

Though some horses do still wander about in paddocks many are now housed in stalls and don’t have access to grass all day long. This change in eating pattern is the culprit of much colic. Colic is really a term to describe a horse’s stomach pain. While there are lots of causes of colic a main source is feed.

The horse’s stomach is very unique and in many ways sensitive...

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Myths About White Boxer Dogs

White boxer dogs carry with them many myths. Apparently the fact that they are different seems to be a problem indicating that there is something wrong or a weakness involved in their heritage or birth. This is far from the truth, and when you learn the facts, you just may want one for yourself.

White boxer dogs are purposefully bred to be white. Just as other breeds are bred for certain characteristics, so are Boxers. Approximately 25% of all that are born are white. They are not a rarity and should not be considered as such.

These beautiful white dogs are not albinos. An albino has no color pigmentation at all on their bodies. A white boxer dog will have some color in their coat...

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